A new colorful journey
through a new
digital experience

The client was planning to revamp their digital communications as part of a challenging relaunch of the OPERA brand that had built up a great relationship with consumers. We decided to support their enthusiastic goals, so we worked with them to renew their products' brand website and special websites.



The appeal of the renewed OPERA brand was a new perspective on the world that expressed more realistic feelings and emotions, such as the sense of seeing beautiful things in everyday life, like the shifting of the seasons and daily light, and the meaning of oneself. It was a drastic change from the extraordinary, cute, and idol-like appearance before the renewal. We focused on expressing the attractiveness of the products and the brand's atmosphere in the same way as much as possible. We placed photographs in the lead in the layout and softly added text and decorations. And by using fluent and elegant animation without being flamboyant, we made the brand website look mature and sophisticated while retaining its cuteness.

In development, we are working hard to reduce the weight of the website so that users can view many pages and long pages without stress. We are also trying to load many large images quickly. We have also implemented a Youcam function that allows users to test the color of products using the camera of their browsing device and a store list that enables users to find the nearest store on a map based on their current location. The OPERA brand site has become a well-functioning website.

Lip tint
Mikiko Kikuoka
Kenta Toshikura
Natsuko Sakai
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