Garden Eight



Harmony of
art and innovation

Utopia Agriculture is a client with a strong commitment and ability to create a sustainable business that would not harm animals and the environment. In digital communication, we needed to express the reliability of their collaborative research with universities, the willingness to challenge, invent, and implement new ways of farming, and the beautiful and delicious sweets they offer.



We designed the website with a focus on illustrations to give originality to the website and make the client's activities more familiar. We used unique and impressive fonts and animations in contrast to the friendly graphics to promote the client's innovative and bold vision and projects.

In development, due to the project's requirements, consideration of “capacity, speed, and load” is an important issue. We are making detailed adjustments and improvements, such as using webp and sprites to reduce weight, loading only elements in the screen, and rendering with SSR. There is a wide range of implementation, such as WebGL performance, Shopify payment functions, and updates using CMS, but the process of integrating them all into one was fascinating.

Mikiko Kikuoka
Kenta Toshikura
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